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Link to The Golden Hylian:

To add a link to The Golden Hylian onto your site, a request to the staff is required. Simply, send a Feedback (via the contact page) and include the fact you wish to add a link and give the URL (eg. to your site. We will then visit your site and decide whether or not you are allowed to link to us. If you do, the link MUST be either a The Golden Hylian banner (below) or the words, 'The Golden Hylian'. Note that our staff regularly scans the internet for different sites using a program that detects pages with a link to our site. Any unauthorised links are illegal and will result in prosecution. This may sound picky but it is surprising how much junk and how many viruses can be caught by linking from a dodgy site (this site is scanned regularly).
Also, if you link to us, we may even link to you to upgrade your traffic!

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