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The Golden Hylian

In the Mythical land of Hyrule, time had been peaceful since the closure of the portal and the saving of the Triforce. Since the final battle with Ganon, Link had lead a quiet life on Hyrule Field.
However, one day Link awoke to a loud piercing shriek emmanating from within the castle. Link rushed to his feet, grabbed his sword and shield and charged off toward the castle. No sooner had he arrived, a glowing figure hovered up from the coutyard and stopped about twenty feet from the ground. When the glowing died down, the figure could be made out, it was Princess Zelda sealed within a glowing crystal.
Immediately the word spread across the country like wildfire, so called 'witnesses' claimed that Ganon had returned, others claimed it was a travelling sorcerer. Link immediately went to Impa, Zelda's maid, and asked what had actually happened, Impa new only the Legend of the Golden Hylian:
"Its seal has been broken, the energy within it has been unleashed. Zelda is only the first" she told Link, "To break the spell, the Golden Hylian must be destroyed within seven days or she and the others affected will remain like this for all eternity!"
Link immediately set off in search of the Golden Hylian.

Now you've read the story,
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